The Empire of Annandale

To Whom It May Concern:
Luke Everingham of Everingham Audio was commissioned back in 2003 to advise and install a full sound system to compliment the venues expansion into the live music industry. His advice was extended to include a purpose built stage, storage, lighting and positioning of the mixing desk and speakers. Luke was responsible for sourcing, pricing and advising the venue on what we would require in order to meet our goals as a premier music venue.
After the initial ironing out period, the hotel experienced a surge in patronage which was directly a result of the new look stage and sound system. From this base, The Empire Hotel has been able to attract live acts which previously have by-passed the venue, which now relates directly to the increased numbers we now see at the Hotel.
The profile of the hotel now sees the venue as a serious live music operation competing well with venues of similar size.
Luke’s expertise, experience and attention to detail without compromising the quality of audio, has been an asset to the hotel. His industry knowledge also allowed him to understand our needs and to build a sound system which complimented our own goals. Luke’s contacts also allowed us to ensure the appropriate support from his suppliers, and we were quoted prices that were very competitive which allowed us to get the best for the least.
Everingham Audio’s commitment didn’t finish with the job, and their support and quick response to problems have been very impressive. Above all else, Luke has developed a relationship with the Hotel which is regarded highly, based on a quality-first approach, attention to detail, and a view to get the best out of the system. This is quantified by Luke Everingham’s team of high quality, hand picked audio engineers, who are engaged through Luke’s intimate knowledge of who’s who in the business.
However, it’s the response of the public and the artist alike that show the success of the installation, and there has been plenty said. Comments I have personally heard are all positive, from people who would prefer to hear their favourite band at our venue, because it sounds so much better, to others who notice the overall presentation of sound, lighting and atmosphere, is something they will come back for. The number of bands that are now trying to get a gig here is also testament to the set-up and on-going professionalism that the hotel now has a reputation for.
On a personal note, I have found Luke to be the sort of professional person the hotel likes to be involved with. A calm person under pressure, adherence to budget and a no-nonsense, tell it as it is style has ensured we know exactly where we sit. Luke Everingham has been able to take our vision and turn it into reality.
I would highly recommend Everingham Audio if you are looking for honesty, experience, expertise and a commitment to their products and services.
Keith Dimock Entertainment/ General Manager Empire Hotel Annandale