Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel has been closed for twelve months for a total refurbishment and structural alterations. It was previously well known as “O Bar”, and when it reopens in february 2006, it will utilise its original name, “Clarendon Hotel”. The audio/visual system will be controlled from the basement with the ability to select one of six stereo signal sources and volume for any of the five discreet zones. SLS Loudspeakers are being utilised throughout the venue. DJ facilities are being fitted to the ground floor with the ability to plug in DJ or live mixers anywhere throughout the pub. SLS loudspeakers are relatively new on the Australian market, and the 8190 model which is a compact 8-inch 2-way box which utilises the latest ribbon speaker technology will definately raise the audio benchmark for this type of venue.
Everingham Audio has also undertaken the lighting automation and the complete electrical installation on this project.