Whenever I enter a gig, and see that the audio has been installed by Everingham Audio, or, better still, I see that Luke Everingham is on the gig personally, I breathe a sigh of relief, because then I KNOW it’s all going to sound EXCELLENT, and all I have to worry about is playing as well as I can.
I’ve been lucky enough to experience this situation at both the Civic and The Empire venues, and I always find Luke and his team a total delight . I think any place that is serious about presenting their music properly should contact Luke FIRST.
Peter Head – testifying for the main man of audio.

As a working musician, sound production and its varying quality play an integral role in the overall success of any performance. It is of rare fortune that one stumbles upon a great stage sound, in house production system and indeed a great sound engineer. I have enjoyed Luke’s professional work ethic and brilliant mixing talent on many occasions. I look forward to working with him when ever possible and would go as far to say as he would be a live engineer of choice. Luke is responsible for the success of many live venues in Sydney and we are fortunate to have him in a local capacity.

I would recommend Luke for any live sound function and see his experience and understanding of acoustics as a valuable asset to any performer.
Steve Edmonds, Musician


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